Ed Pribyl - Folk Artist
Ed Pribyl carving painting

Ed Pribyl, a Northern Illinois artist. His carvings have evolved to include award-winning pieces that are collected by people all over the country.

I've always been drawn to things that show signs of wear, things with a history, things that have a story behind them. As an artist, my goal is to create every piece as though it were handed down from another period in time. I enjoy woodcarving because I am able to draw on my experience as a woodworker as well as a painter. My influences stem from all areas of early Americana. Old dolls, worn furniture, toys, and of course figure carvings, have all helped shape my work as it looks today. Every piece is hand carved from basswood then painted using my unique multi-layered antiqued finish. I often incorporate vintage items such as old ceiling tins or yardsticks when creating pieces like my angels. While there is an emphasis on a level of detail that was not typical of most Early American carvings, I try to maintain the warmth and soul which made those pieces so special.