Meet the maker

the maker

Ed has been involved in art since he could first pick up a crayon. At the age of 7, his father enrolled him in neighborhood art classes, and he continued on this path through college. He received his degree in fine art from Northern Illinois University in 1993, where his emphasis was painting. It wasn’t until several years after though, when he began to work sculpturally. He had been working on a home project, when he decided to start whittling on a piece of scrap 2×4. His first pieces were extremely crude, but Ed loved folk art antiques and embraced this primitive look, while he developed his own style and refined his craft.

Ed resides in Round Lake IL, with his wife Linda and daughter Taylor. He has now been carving for nearly twenty years, and his work is in some of the finest collections in the country. While originally focusing on holiday themes, his work has evolved to include historical figures, vintage circus people, and magicians, just to name a few. Ed loves looking back in time, at unique or odd bits of Americana for inspiration. His work has appeared in numerous publications, and he has continually been named to Early American Life Magazine’s, Directory of Traditional American Craftsmen, as one of the best in his field.

Ed’s work is well known for its level of detail, warm antiqued finish, and nostalgic subject matter. All of his designs are original, and are either extremely limited editions or one of a kind. He also works closely with many collectors who may have a unique, special idea for a custom piece.

Whichever you may decide on, one of Ed’s available designs or something custom, his unique perspective and quality craftsmanship are present in every piece.

Every one of Ed’s carvings begins with a idea, sometimes drawn from old photos, vintage advertisements, or antiques. Usually though, ideas are based on his broad love for nostalgic Americana. Each piece is carved one at a time, using a combination of hand tools and some power tools to achieve his signature look. Ed starts the design process with a quick sketch, then a bit of research before he starts a carving.

He gives special attention to time period details such as clothes and hair styles. When the actual carving is started, he first free hands a basic drawing of the figure onto a block of basswood. Designs start out rather loosely, and never using templates. This allows Ed to be more creative and the design process more organic as the piece becomes more refined.

When sculptures are ready to paint, Ed uses a multiple layer antique painted finish that is distinctly his own. It’s this combination of quality carving and painting that sets him apart, and makes his pieces some of the finest, and collectible today.

Committed to continuing the tradition of hadmade folk art, furniture and fine crafts